CampusFM 103.7


Outside Lectures - Winter 2013

Various one-off programs and lectures recorded outside our studios to be aired on Campus FM.

This selection of programs and lectures is being aired in the Winter schedule of programs. A bigger list of lectures may be found here...

Week 1: Id-digriet dwar il-knejjes kattolici orjentali.
Mons. Arkimandrita Gorg Mifsud Montanaro - Augustinian Institute.

Week 2: Maghqudin jew mifrudin? Il-Missjoni Ekumenika tal-Knejjes Insara.
Rev. Dr. Hector Scerri - Augustinian Institute

Week 3: Id-dikjarazzjoni dwar l-edukazzjoni nisranija Gravissimum Educationis.
Dr. Max Cassar - Augustinian Institute

Week 4: Id-digriet dwar il-hidma pastorali tal-isqof fil-knisja Christus Dominus.
L-E.T. Mons Mario Grech, Isqof t'Ghawdex - Augustinian Institute

Week 5: It-trilogija tal-Prof. Oliver Friggieri: Is-socjeta Maltija tan-nofs tas-seklu l-iehor.
Prof. Arnold Cassola, Prof. Oliver Friggieri - Dept. of Maltese at the University of Malta.

Week 6: Lecture organised by DISCERN.

Week 7: The Architecture at the Grand Master's Palace.
Architect Conrad Thake - Rediscovering the Grand Master's Palace Series, President's Office.

Week 8: The meaning of Vatican II for the Church.
Fr. Rene Camilleri - iFaith series.

Week 9: The role of women in the church.
Prof. Bernardette Toal - iFaith series.

Week 10: The Nef Golden Ships on Princely Tables.
Timothy Schroder - Palazzo Falson Lectures.

Week 11: Edible Art and erudition in the Italian Renaissance.
Prof. John Variano - Palazzo Falson Lectures.

Week 12: Does God speak to all his creation?
Prof. Joseph Kelly - iFaith series.

Week 13: God, Science and the meaning of life.
Dr. Mario Tabone - iFaith series.

Week 14: Rome and Hollywood.
Prof. Stephen Harrison - Malta Classics Association.

Week 15: The processes of transformation going on in the rural areas of Sri Lanka after the tsunami.
Maurice Said - Works in Progress Seminars Series.

Week 16: The politics of indignation.
Prof. Peter Mayo - Works in Progress Seminars Series.

Week 17: Rethinking Southern European identities.
Michael Deguara - Works in Progress Seminars Series.