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Beethoven: his life and times

Fl-okkażjoni tal-250 anniversarju mit-twelid tal-Ęenju mużikali Ludwig Van Beethoven, Patricia Salomone, bl-assistenza ta' Gerald Fenech, se jwasslu sensiela li ser tħares lejn il-ħajja u l-mużika ta' dan il-kompożitur ċelebri.

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Program 1: Beethoven - the difficult childhood of a genius.
Program 2: Beethoven leaves school as his music training intensifies, meets Christian Neefe, teacher and mentor.
Program 3: Beethoven's brief stay in Vienna and his return to Bonn for his mother's death.
Program 4: Count Waldstein recommends that Beethoven should go to Vienna to receive training by the elderly Hadyn.
Program 5: Fascinated by Napoleon's success, Beethoven is bitterly disappointed. Plagued by loss of hearing, in desperation he writes the Heiligenstadt testament.
Program 6: Writes the music for the ballet Creatures of Prometheus seeing the hero as a model to follow. Beethoven is appointed Composer in Residence at the Theatre an der Wien.
Program 7: Beethoven, the man: his relationship with friends, teachers, patrons and lovers.
Program 8: The opera Leonore merges into Fidelio but takes several years in the making, it is presented during the Congress of Vienna.
Program 9: Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Ludwig van Beethoven - two giants in the German culture world.
Program 10: Will we ever know who The Immortal Beloved was?.
Program 11: Beethoven is in Linz, can he convince his younger brother not to marry his housekeeper?
Program 12: Beethoven composes the Wellington Symphony in honour of Wellington's victory at Vitoria, Spain.
Program 13: A rare assembly of outstanding artists.
Program 14: Family trouble and near tragedy.
Program 15: The development, composing and presentation of the 9th Symphony.
Program 16: Beethoven accepts his brother's invitation and the serious deterioration in his health.
Program 17: Plaudite amici, commedia finita est.