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Outside Lectures - Autumn 2011

Various one-off programs and lectures recorded outside our studios to be aired on Campus FM.

This selection of programs and lectures is being aired in the Autumn schedule of programs. A bigger list of lectures may be found here...

Week 1: Sex and the City.
Prof. Savona Ventura - Malta Cafe' Scientifique.

Week 2: Julian Trevelyan and Mary Fedden's work in relation to Malta.
Mr. Lawrence Pavia - Malta Historical Society.

Week 3: Il- Paese di Cuccagnia, Fantasies and utopias of food and wine in the Italian imaginery.
Dr. Luisa del Giudice - Works in progress seminars.

Week 4: The approaches to ethics in business management, in an increasingly global economic order.
Mr. Giuseppe Rubbiati - Works in progress seminars.

Week 5: The Knights as promoters of the Cult of St. Paul.
Monsigneur John Azzoppardi - Malta Historical Society.

Week 6: The Roman ship at Xlendi 1961-2011.
Prof. John Woods - Talk organised by Palazzo Falson.

Week 7: Religion, conflict and violence in a contemporary and historical perspective.
Prof. Kevin Avruch - organised by Discern.

Week 8: Music and emotion in Ancient Greece and China.
Prof. David Cooper - Malta Classics Association.

Week 9: The value of the Rotary Foundation.
Interview with Past Governor Attilio Bruno, by Patricia Salamone.

Week 10: Conversion narratives in the Roman Inquisition 1650-1700.
Dr. Francis Ciappara - Malta Historical Society.

Week 11: Newman on concsience.
Ian Kerr - Discern.

Week 12: Wistin u z-zwieg fil-qorti ta' Ippona.
Rev. Dr. Salvino Caruana - Augustinian Institute.

Week 13: Iz-zwieg fil-ligi Maltija llum.
Dr. Phyllis Aquilina - Augustinian Institute.

Week 14: Aspetti tal-legizlazzjoni matrimonjali fil-ligi Rumana.
Imhallef Silvio Meli - Augustinian Institute.

Week 15: Augustine on marriage and sexuality in the Pelagian Controversy.
Dr. Anthony Dupont - Augustinian Institute.

Week 16: X'jaghmel zwieg nisrani llum?
Sandra De Cree Crespo - Augustinian Institute.

Week 17: Valuri morali taz-zwieg nisrani.
Dr. Brendan M. Gatt - Augustinian Institute.