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Outside Lectures - Autumn 2010

Various one-off programs and lectures recorded outside our studios to be aired on Campus FM.

This selection of programs and lectures is being aired in the Autumn schedule of programs. A bigger list of lectures may be found here...

Week 1: L-irfigh tar-ruh lejn Alla fis-sacerdozju ta' Santu Wistin.
Mgr. Carmelo Refalo (Augustinian Institute)

Week 2: L-Ispiritwalita Agostinjana.
Patri Franco Grech (Augustinian Institute)

Week 3: L-irfigh tar-ruh lejn Alla fil-Missirijiet tal-Knisja, sekli 1 sa 5 wara Kristu.
Patri Salvinu Caruana (Augustinian Institute)

Week 4: Kontemplazzjoni u azzjoni fil-filosofija u f'Santu Wistin.
Rev. Dr. Mark Sultana (Augustinian Institute)

Week 5: Kontemplazzjoni u azzjoni fil-hajja ta' xi qaddisin Agostinjani.
Patri Josef Sciberras (Augustinian Institute)

Week 6: Il-hajja ta' San Benedittu ta' Norcja u ta' ohtu Santa Skolastika.
Dun Keith Bonnici (Augustinian Institute)

Week 7: Furnishings from the Knights and their influence on Maltese taste.
Marquis Nicholas DePiro (Malta Branch of the Sovereign Military of Malta)

Week 8: Contemplation and Action according to St. Benedict of Nursia.
Rev. Abb. Dom Donatus Ogliari OSB (Augustinian Institute)

Week 9: Augustine's evaluation of fear and it's reception.
Prof. Paul van Geest (Augustinian Institute)

Week 10: L-irfigh tar-ruh lejn Alla fil-mixja Frangiskana.
P. Julian Sammut ofm (Augustinian Institute)

Week 11: L-irfigh tar-ruh lejn Alla skond Sta. Kjara tas-Salib.
Revdma. Madre Abbadessa Rose Therese Ellis (Augustinian Institute)

Week 12: Interview by Judge Giovanni Bonello to Dr. Tonio Azzoppardi.
Organized by Department of Public Law

Week 13: L-irfigh tar-ruh lejn Alla skond San Frangisk t'Assisi.
P. Martin Micallef ofm (Augustinian Institute)

Week 14: Deep water archeology in Sicily: the recent discovery of shipwreck off Ionian Islands.
Dr. Timmy Gambin (Malta Archeological Society)

Week 15: Celebrating Isabelle Borg: An evening of remembrance in honour of the artist.
Works in Progress Seminar Series

Week 16: The Piper at Hanging Rock gate.
Dr. Saviour Catania (Works in Progress Seminar Series)