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A Book A Thousand Stories

A Book A Thousand Stories I

A Book A Thousand Stories is the review of the book The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal. It is the family saga of the Ephrussi, a family of wealthy Jews who leave Odessa to settle in Paris and Vienna. The story spans historical events between the mid 19th and the mid 20th centuries.

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A Book A Thousand Stories II

Sensiela dwar Strauss u l-familja tiegħu ibbażata fuq il-ktieb ta' John Suchet: The Last Waltz.

Produzzjoni u preżentazzjoni ta' Patricia Salomone.

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Program 1: The Last Waltz, introduction and tragedy.
Program 2: The Last Waltz: Johann Strauss Senior.
Program 3: The Last Waltz: Vienna, the Cafe', the Waltz.
Program 4: The Last Waltz: Strauss Senior, his two families and his orchestra.
Program 5: The last Waltz: Johann Strauss the younger.
Program 6: The Last Waltz: Strauss the younger conquers the audiences.
Program 7: The Last Waltz: Other Strauss family members are roped in.
Program 8: The last Waltz: Strauss the younger's love live and family mourning.
Program 9: The Last Waltz: Operettas and drama.
Program 10: The Last Waltz: The Imperial family and Strauss' music.